2015 Championships Earned

Congratulations to all the 2015 UFTA National winners in each division. These dogs won a championship in their divisions.
Additionally, the following dogs have earned a championship since the first of January, 2015.

Annie - Mark Little Amateur Pointing 3 Little , Mark
Beaux - Frank Arnau Open Pointing 9 Arnau, Frank
Bee Be - Bill Roff Open Pointing 1 Roff, Bill
Bell - Tommy Wiley Amateur Pointing 1 Wiley, Tommy
Briley - Brandon Tarquinio Open Pointing 8 Tarquinio, Brandon
Bullet - Jason Tharp Amateur Pointing 1 Tharp, Jason Eric
Cali - Brett Biel Open Pointing 1 Biel, Brett C.
Clancy - Steve Fuess Open Pointing 2 Fuess, Steven R
Colt - Brian James Open Pointing 1 James, Brian W
Dixie - Brett Biel Open Pointing 2 Biel, Brett C.
Do Dah - Lynn Laws Amateur Pointing 1 Laws, Jerry (Lynn)
Dot - Reid Thacker Amateur Pointing 1 Thacker, Reid L
Fergie - Dan Ruffcorn Open Pointing 1 Ruffcorn, Dan
Henna - Phil Behe Open Flushing 3 Behe, Philip L.
Hershey - Eddie Karban Open Flushing 8 Karban, Eddie
Jack - Phil Weinberger Open Pointing 3 Weinberger, Phillip
Jazz - Jeff Preston Open Pointing 2 Preston, Jeffrey A
JD - Joey Preston Open Pointing 1 Preston, Joseph
June - Dan Steingraber Open Flushing 1 Steingraber, Dan
Mitch - Dan Ruffcorn Amateur Pointing 1 Ruffcorn, Dan
Patch - Rick Markham Open Pointing 2 Markham, Rick
Peggy -Don Shepard Amateur Pointing 2 Shepard, Don E
Rayne - Miller, David - Open Flushing 3 Miller, David
Red - Paul Vaughn Open Pointing 4 Vaughn, Paul
Roscoe - Jeff Beasley Open Flushing 2 Beasley, Jeff
Sadie - Hoyt Mauldin Open Pointing 1 Mauldin, Hoyt
Shoulay - Ronald Meyers Open Flushing 2 Meyers, Ronald
Thor - Eddie Karban Open Flushing 4 Karban, Eddie
Thor - Eddie Karban Doubles Flushing 3 Karban, Eddie
Tiny - Mark Lovvorn Amateur Pointing 2 Lovvorn, Mark
Trouble - Larry Reed Open Pointing 2 Reed, Larry
Zeb - Kevin Pixley Open Pointing 3 Pixley, Kevin

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