WOW!!! We had a lot of Championships that were earned in the Month of December, 2015. They are all listed below.

Congratulations to all of you and your dogs. I keep telling everyone, UFTA is the BEST field trialing organization around. Happy New Year to all and we look forward to seeing you at the National next month.

Also, the Nationals invitations are in the mail. If you have any questions, give us a call. Thanks, Frank

Annie - Tim Anders Open Pointing
Apollo - Eddie Karban Open Pointing
Apollo - Eddie Karban Amateur Pointing
Beaux - Frank Arnau Open Pointing
Bella - Clint Bradshaw Open Flushing
Ben - Mark Lovvorn Open Pointing
Briley - Chris Dansby Open Flushing
Buck - Bill Ellison Open Pointing
Chase - Hardy Jaggers Open Pointing
Chic - Chuck Fashing Open Pointing
Dixie - Brett Biel Open Pointing
Fancy - Ron Wilson Amateur Pointing
General - Bradley Wilson Open Flushing
Hellion - Matt Behe Amateur Pointing
Hellion - Matt Behe Open Pointing
Hershey - Eddie Karban Doubles Flushing
Ice - Kevin Pixley Amateur Pointing
JayDee - Ken Sweeney Amateur Pointing
Jessie - Keith Bainter Open Pointing
Joules (NC - Dbls Flshng) - Dave White Open Flushing
Leah - Tommy Smith Amateur Pointing
Lexi - Kenny Daugherty Open Pointing
Lexy -Jeremiah Mohr Amateur Pointing
Marcie - Bill Ellison Amateur Pointing
Midas - Eddie Karban Open Flushing
Pucket - Bernie Birkenholz Open Pointing
Ready - Richard Sipes Open Flushing
Rondo - Richard Sipes - NC Doubles Flushing
Ruby - Tommy Wiley Open Pointing
Scout - Howard Jaekel Open Flushing
Slick - Matt Behe Amateur Pointing
Thunder - Dave White Open Flushing

Doubles Pointing Championships Earned in December, 2015
Blaze - RJ Teune/ Wolfgang - Bob Garrity
Chic - Chuck Fashing/ Lyra - Kevin Keisel
Covey - Tommy Wiley/ Clay Moose Hellion - Matt Behe
Emma - Scott Deuel/ Turbo - Don Deuel
Louie - Mark Sweeney/Morgan - Keith Bainter

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