Loyall Premium Pet Foods

Loyall™ Premium Dog Foods are specially formulated for your pet’s individual needs.

Your pet’s nutritional needs are influenced by a variety of factors, such as age, activity level and sensitivities. That’s why our line of premium pet foods includes eight dog food formulas and one cat & kitten formula. We developed each to meet the requirements of a different type of pet:


The Opti-Cook™ process is our exclusive cooking technology developed to optimize quality, palatability and starch digestion. It is important that products are “cooked" correctly to get the most out of them. You probably don’t eat corn or rice without cooking it, but you have also probably been served corn or rice that has been on the stove too long. You don't overcook or undercook food for your family...we don't want to do it for your pets either!

Our Opti-Cook™ process was developed to ensure that grains and the whole diet are cooked correctly to help provide a diet for your friend. Proper cooking helps ensure that nutrients such as starch are easily digested by your pet. This process helps ensure that every batch of food is as close as possible to prior batches leading to less digestive upset.

Here at Nutrena, making a better pet food is our first priority. We understand the bond between people and their pets because we’ve been devoted to the care and feeding of animals for more than 80 years. So we pour everything we know about taste and nutrition into every bag of Loyall™.

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