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Happenings from March 1st and 2nd...........

The ladies take the field in both Pointing and Flushing Divisions at the 2017 UFTA Nationals. With last year's Pointing Division winner, Marlene Sipes, at home taking care of some of her and Richard's older canine competitors, the title was up for grabs by notables Meg Allen, Diana Keisel and Lauren Tarquinio among others. Meg Allen and Diana Keisel both scorched out 4 minute runs, but Meg bested Diana on time to take the title.

Women's Pointing Division Top Five:

Placement: Handler / Dog
1st Place: Meg Allen / Herschel
2nd Place: Diana Keisel / Lyra
3rd Place: Lauren Tarquinio / Briley
4th Place: Donna Cartner / Maggie
5th Place: Brenda McCarthy / Dolce

Not to be out done by the Pointing ladies, the Women's Flushing was also strongly contested. Newcomer, Haley Kirkland edged out last year's winner Lauren Tarquinio to take home first place.

Women's Flushing Division Top Five

Placement: Handler / Dog
1st Place: Haley Kirkland / Bella
2nd Place: Lauren Tarquinio / Thor
3rd Place: Haley Kirkland / Bleu
4th Place: Brenda McCarthy / McKinzi
5th Place: Bonnie Roach / Blue

Congratulations to all the women who came out to compete.

On the other side of the property, the Men's Flushing Doubles and Pointing Doubles were being decided. This year's top five placements in each are as follows:

Flushing Doubles

Placement: Handler / Dog
1st Place: Eddie Karban / Thor
2nd Place: Eddie Karban / Midas
3rd Place: Paul Hansen / Jessie
4th Place: Jerry McCarthy / McKinzi

Pointing Division

Placement: Handlers / Dogs
1st Place: Brandon Tarquinio & Sean Virgili / Razz & Dice
2nd Place: Brian James & Lynn Laws / Ren & Do Dah
3rd Place: Ty Patterson & Bret Biel / Zeke & Cali
4th Place: Larry Reid & David Trigg / Diamond & Macon
5th Place: Terry Cohron & Mitchell Armstrong / Josie & Tick

Congratulations to all our Doubles Division competitors.

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