Trial Paperwork

The following PDF Forms will provide you with all the necessary paperwork for hosting a trial. Some of these forms may be typed on directly on the computer if you prefer, or if not can be printed for handwriting. If you would like to save a copy to your computer, once the page loads, select the save icon (floppy disk) in the upper left hand corner and you can save it to your computer. To type directly on the form and save it to your computer you must save the form to your computer, then after you complete it go to the File menu, then select save as. You can then rename the form whatever you choose to save the text you have entered. Please use the new Waiver and Release form which is updated each year. The Waiver and Release is required by our insurance provider and has a new date each year.

Waiver and Membership Application
Pointing Score Card
Flushing Score Card
Registration Records
Doubles Pointing Recap Report
2016 Double Pointing Semi
Flushing Doubles
Trial Recap For Pointing & Flushing
Sr Division
2016 Double Pointing Semi
Flushing Open
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