The following message was emailed this past week to the Host and Clubs holding trials reminding everyone of the change effective January a, 2018 about new dogs being registered with UKC and getting that paperwork to us promptly. Additionaly, letting everyone know the changes that will become effective on March 1, 2018 regarding posting of trials to be run at events.

UFTA Host and members:

Please remember that any new dog that runs in a UFTA trial after January 1, 2018 must be UKC registered in order for that run to be counted. The dog owner will have 30 days after the trial date to have the paperwork to our office in order for the run to be counted. You are there with the members as the face of UFTA. It is very important for you to convey the need for proper paperwork. Once we educate everyone on the new rule, things will be easier for everyone.

Please remind everyone who runs in your trial that their membership dues must be current and that any new dogs must be UKC registered. The UKC website is:

Also, the Board of Directors in a conference call on January 16th, determined that the wording on trials must be specific to what is scheduled each day.
The Board has directed that the following maximum number of trials to be run each day is as follows:
One (1) Open Pointing
Two (2) Amateur Pointing
Two (2) Doubles Pointing
One (1) Flushing Open
Two (2) Flushing Doubles
However, if you are running only Flushing on a day of the trial you may run Two (2) Flushing Open and Two (2) Flushing Doubles on that day.
The host must determine the number of trials and the specific trials to be held each day and must notify all contestants when they call to enter their dog of which trials are to be run and when. This must be done at least 48 hours prior to the trial date. If the trial host fails to do so, the trial will be subject to being forfeited. The specific location of the trial must be posted on the trial if it is other than the address associated with the club and listed on our website.

When you send us your text and/or email or even when you call us about a trial, please check within 24 hours and make sure that the trial has been posted and that we have it posted as you want it. The new email address is: [email protected]

You can mail the reports as always. Or, when you send in your trial paperwork, we will accept an email with the scanned reports and membership(s) as attachments or on the proper formatted excel spreadsheet attached to the email. If you do the email, your check must be in the mail immediately. Please use the following email address: [email protected] Please remember you have 14 days from the date of the trial to have the paperwork and sanctions fees to us.

Lastly, we have had a problem with our internet provider, Windstream and Mary isn’t receiving all of the emails. Please change your email contact information to:: [email protected] You can always text us at 678-617-0621. Fax number is 706-677-2506

Thank you so much for your help with these items.

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