Rule Clarifications

The board of directors at their annual meeting sat down and made clarifications to the following rules. One very important change has to do with the National Finals:


Updates are in bold

Rule 1; Sec 2: Back: A back is when one dog honors another dogs point and holds his back until the pointing dog moves or the bird flushes. A back is worth five (5) points and must be called by the handler. Only one back per dog, per run will be scored. No dog in the doubles can be bumped or handled in any manner in an effort to safeguard a back. The handler cannot relocate the pointing dog until a reasonable attempt to flush has been made. NOTE: The pointing dog may not be whoa'd to point to give a partner's dog a back. The back must be in a natural situation where a pointing dog stops to point on his own accord.

Rule 2; Sec 11: If a shot bird falls behind an obstruction that the dog cannot pass safely over or through, the handler or designated shooter may help the dog over the fence and back and receive full points for the retrieval if the dog brings the bird back to within one step of the handler or designated shooter. Once the handler or designated shooter helps the dog over the fence the handler must now remain stationary until the dog retrieves the bird to within one step of the new position. If a bird is pointed in bounds and flushed and lands in an out of bounds tree it can be shot out of the tree. If you have not acted on (shot at) the bird you can move to the field boundary and shoot the bird from the tree and receive points for a full retrieve. NOTE: The handler is allowed one step from this new position; however the pivot foot must remain stationary.

Rule 2; Sec 13: Once a dog has moved his quota three (3) plus one (1) extra bird without the handler bagging three (3) birds then the handler must pick up his dog. Birds flushed only count if dog works that bird. Multiple birds flushed only count as or for the ones acted on. If dog flushed bird on a retrieve it does not count towards quota rule. Time is stopped and the run is scored as full time.

Rule 2; Sec 26: In any trial, a handler can run at least THREE (3) dogs, but otherwise no more than 10% which would allow four dogs in a 35+ dog trial. NOTE: This applies to each division and not the amount of dogs entered into the whole trial. EFFECT: The consequence for breaking this rule will be to disqualify ALL dogs handled, shot for or any combination of the two. Any prize money will have to be returned.
**Reminder** At the Nationals, a handler/designated shooter can run no more than four (4) dogs per day. (THIS MEANS IN ALL DIVISONS)

Rule 3; Sec 5: (2) two bonus points for each shot bird, provided the handler has not put his hands on the bird before it is shot. There will be no bonus points added unless the bird is bagged. If it is unsafe to shoot because of any person or personal property and a safety is called. The (2) two shot bird bonus points will be awarded. No shot bird bonus points will be awarded for a safety on the dog or a non performing bird. If the judge deems that the handler intentionally flushed the bird towards a known safety, (0) zero points will be awarded. No bonus points will be added after the dog has had the bird in it’s mouth.

Rule 4; Sec 6: If a handler misses the bird after being awarded a good point and the dog repoints and the handler moves from the original spot he acted on the bird. He will only be awarded a partial retrieve.

Rule 6; Birds: The UFTA highly recommends planting One (1) extra bird for the first run (example-on a 3-bird plant, put out 4 birds for the first run) in any single event and one extra bird for the doubles events. The birds must not be planted (if cover permits) closer than 30 feet of any boundary line.

Rule 6; Sec 19: The bird planter shall mix the bird planting to the best of their ability so that the birds are not planted in the same spot each time. The bird planter needs to use three zones, a front, middle and a back zone. This way all competitors need to cover the same amount of ground.

Rule 7; Sec 7: Any Handler/Designated Shooter whose shot reaches the Gallery (whether a falling shot or a more direct peppering shot) is to be immediately disqualified if determined to be an unsafe shot by the judge, trial host, field marshal or trial committee.

By LAWS and CONSTITUTION ARTICLE VI: Sec 9: In any trial, a handler/designated shooter can run at least three (3) dogs, but otherwise no more than 10% which would allow four dogs in a thirty-five (35) plus dog trial. The penalty for any violation is as follows: EFFECT: If this occurs all dogs that are handled or shot for will be disqualified and no runs will count toward qualifying runs. Any prize money won will have to be returned.

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