2013 High Point Winners

2013 High Point Open Pointing
Arnau's Beaux
Owned by Frank Arnau, Handled By Paul Vaughn
 photo Beuax.jpg

2013 High Point Amateur Pointing
Palm Glades WFK Kicking Up Dust
Owned and Handled By Bill Ring
 photo b5c40911-d41d-4de0-a389-17d6c5e8ebc8.jpg

2013 High Point Flushing Doubles
Brandywines Miss Ginger
Owned and handled by Dave Pozlin
 photo e6dd5e69-3aed-403b-a09a-75e48f1afe44.jpg

2013 High Point Doubles Team
Bella owned and handled by Scott Deuel, Ziva owned and handled by Mike McClendon.
 photo 84a6dd49-0272-4637-96c9-d6db232cc8e9.jpg

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