2014 National Champions

2014 National Champions are:

2014 Amateur National Champion
 photo Behe_zpscdad536c.jpg
Owned and Handled by:
Matt Behe from Reidsville, NC

Click here for the Amateur National runner ups and the final scores: Scores

2014 National Doubles Champions

 photo Doubles_zps029b0d53.jpg

“Deuces” and “Sadie”
Owned and handled by:
Matt Behe from Reidsville, NC and Brian Rutrough from Boonesmill, VA

Doubles Pointing Final: Scores

2014 National Open Pointing Champion

 photo DSC_0183_zps05cd844f.jpg
Owned and Handled by:
Billy Ring from Hillsbouro, TN

Open Pointing runners up and scores: Scores

2014 National Senior Champion

 photo SrRoffBB_zps0da4cc7d.jpg

"Bee Be"
Owned and Handled by:
Bill Roff from Weston, WV

Sr. Pointing runners up and scores:


2014 National Flushing Open Champion

 photo Flushing_zpsb5313a98.jpg

Handled by Ken Neese form Elkhart Lake, WI
Owned by: Richard Sipes of Esmont, VA

Open Flushing Runner ups and scores: Open Flushing Scores

2014 Flushing Doubles National Champion
 photo DoublesFlushing_zps956aab69.jpg
Owned and Handled by Dan Stiengraber of Toledo, OH
Runners up and final scores: Flushing Doubles Scores

2014 Women's Pointing Champion

 photo LaurenLadiesPointing_zps3e06e814.jpg

Handled by Lauren Tarquinio

2014 Women's Flushing Champion

 photo LadiesFlushing_zps21c35701.jpg

Handled by Marlene Sipes

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