National Doubles Pointing Results

2016 UFTA National Doubles Pointing
2016 National Champions:
Matt Behe—Hellion and Tommy Wiley & Clay Moose—Covey
2nd: Brett Biel—Dixie and Ty Patterson—Trip
3rd: Scott Deuel—Mike and Mike McClendon—Catilin
4th: Frank Arnau/Paul Vaughn—Beaux and Tommy Wiley—Gin
5th: Brandon Tarquino—Razz and Sean Virgill—Dice
6th: Brett Biel—Trooper and Ty Patterson—Zeb
7th: Don Deuel—Goofy and Scott Deuel—Roxie
8th: Brett Beil—Cali and Ty Patterson—Shelby
9th: Brian James—Ren and Lynn Laws—Do Dah
10th: Matt Behe—Ambler and Brian Rotrough—reno
11th: Paul Vaughn/Frank Arnau—Freckles and Buddy Smith—Chief
12th: Brand Tarquinio—Onyx and Sean Virgill—Jax
13th: Bryan Daughtry—Bentley and Dan Steingraber—Thicket
14th: Shay Wilson—Fancy and Joey Preston/Ron Wilson—Zeus
15th: Charles Fashing—Chic and Kevin Keisel—Lyra

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