2016 Women's and Youth's Results

Congratulations to all the ladies and youth who participated at the 2016 Nationals. The youth are the future of our organization and we hope these events encourage and excite our youth. A HUGE thank you to Dan Ruffcorn for his continued hard work and dedication to our organization and to these special events.

Youth Flushing

1st - Ryan Miller and Tazz
2nd - Trent Pike and Izzy
3rd - Ryan Miller and Rumble

Youth Pointing

1st - Jordan Preston and Joe
2nd - Loren Troutt and Ruby
3rd - Megan Lingefelt and Gypsy

Women's Pointing

1st - Marlene Sipes and Shooter
2nd - Lauren Tarquinio and Briley
3rd - Meg Allen and Dani

Women's Flushing

1st - Lauren Tarquinio and Thor
2nd - Brenda McCarthy and Annabelle
3rd - Lauren Tarquinio and Izzy

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